TruthInd: State of the Music Address 2015

First and foremost, wanna wish all of you a happy new year. I’m sure we all had things from this past year we wish we could forget and/or redo, but there isn’t any use living in the past, right? That’s why I’m proposing we move forward into 2015, and make this the best Truth Industry year yet!

Already, there are exciting things happening, and music being made. I have recently leaked a track off IndustryOfTruth on my SoundCloud page. Preview this clip for yourself at

Likewise, on December 15, 2014, the IndustryOfTruth single officially debuted via the iTunes Music Store. This release includes both IndustryOfTruth and We Made It, and though these tracks were priorly released, this move will hopefully help jump start interest in the project. Buzz is already slowly starting to build, and has gotten what some might call a strong vote of confidence. In a recent review titled, Best of Two Eras, thecornettmutiverse wrote:
“Imagine if you took the message-inspiring raps of the 80s, the heavy beats of the early Ops (2000s), and a dynamic voice that transcends definition, and you have the stylings of Marshall Love. Though he comes from a small town, Love’s message resonates large. If you’re looking to expand your idea of rap beyond women, alcohol, and drugs, keep an ear out for this guy, because he won’t disappoint.”
A powerful statement from a TruthInd supporter. Thank you! If you feel so inclined to leave a review of your own, or just want to show support through a download, you can do so at

I’m also pumped to announce for the second year in a row, my participation in the 2015 Hard Rock Rising Global Battle of the Bands. Last years entry, Come on Over, did very well with over 300 votes, but failed to make it to the regional performance round. Now, IndustryOfTruth, will get the chance to show Hard Rock and the world what it means to be TruthInd! So stay tuned for an announcement of the voting round, and be ready to vote!! It’s gonna take all of you and then some, so please share with your family, friends, and colleagues too.

To sum up, this year is gonna be about the push. Pushing to network, pushing to expand our music family, pushing to gig more, but most importantly to make and share more music! I’ve realized it’s time to focus on my family, but at the same time go in hard on a dream, combining my two passions and resulting in a better me. So here’s to you, me, and 2015! – ML


I’m Back . . . And With a Boy!

Hey, y’all, I’m back!

Well really, I’ve not gone anywhere, except down the road of parenthood. That’s right music family, I am proud to announce that my wife, Heidi, and I are now the proud parents of a healthy, now month old, baby boy.

Booker Marshall Lovett, is the first child for the two of us and has become our passion and sole focus for the time being. That is why you may have noticed me missing from the scene for sometime now. But fear not, y’all, I’m not done with this music nonsense yet. If anything the love I have for my son, has driven and inspired me more than ever.

Now here is my plan . . .

I want to finish this little project that y’all might remember called, IndustryOfTruth, but I’m gonna need some more time. I will be taking roughly the next two and a half months as a short sabbatical, to enjoy time with my wife and son, focus on my family for the holidays, and take much needed me time.

Then at the beginning of the new year, I will begin to refocus IndustryOfTruth, planning one song per month (revamping, recording, editing, mixing, etc).

I have also decided that instead of releasing this project in one fell swoop, I want to release each new track as it is fresh and completed. Your patience has been amazing, and I want to reward y’all for that with new music every month of 2015, up until I have released all the tracks from this project.

Alright, so there it is. I hope y’all are as excited as I am. I am placing this timeline on the project to make myself accountable to the music (as it deserves to be heard), but more importantly to be accountable to you as my audience, fans, my friends.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding!!


– M

Fun Fest, It’s Here!

Really excited for what promises to be a very busy weekend!

In case you are unaware, this weekend, North Manchester is holding its annual street fair, Fun Fest By The River. During this extended weekend of fun, there are opportunities to engage in multitudes of events, including carnival games and 3-on-3 basketball, as well as the Cruizin Illusion car show and many local musical acts.

This year, I will be performing three times.

Tomorrow night, August 8th, at 5pm, I will be performing as part of Pastor Jp Freeman’s, “Night of Love,” event at The Firehouse, just off of Main St. This event takes place at one of the peak times during the car show, so come out look at the cars, grab an elephant ear, and support your local music. Performers include East Side Down, The Dames, Marshall Love (me), and a few others. Three free hours of great local music, and free Popsicle’s…you’d be crazy not to stop!

Saturday morning, August 9th, at 8am, I will be at the corner of 7th and Market (Warvel Park side) as part of the 43rd North Manchester Fun Fest 5k (run/walk) & 1-mile Fun Run. I know it is early for a Saturday, but come out with your KenapocoMocha coffee, bring a chair, and cheer on the awesome runners/walkers, and get serenaded in the process!

Then Saturday night, and perhaps one of the coolest events I’ve ever had the pleasure of previously performing for, the 2nd Street Block Party. Hosted by the Carter, Andritsch, Speicher and Shoemaker families, this is the party of all parties, with food, drinks, and great live music. I was lucky enough to open last year for my pals, The Murphy Wrecks (Toby, Larry, Evan, and Terry), but even luckier that they and the hosts have invited me back!!

All in all, this is shaping up to be my most tiring Fun Fest experience to date, but I am excited to see my fans and friends, make new fans and friends, and just have…FUN!!


North Manchester News-Journal, Marshall Love Sit Down For Interview

During the week of July 13th, I sat down with a good friend and editor for The North Manchester News-Journal. He, and the paper, are starting a series of local music spotlights, to showcase the unreal amount of talent our small section of northern Indiana houses. I can’t express enough how grateful and excited I am for the opportunities this article has already provided. Below, I have posted links to the two pages containing this article for your reading pleasure. Thank you, Eric Christiansen, for your time and talent!



page 1

page 2


Welcome to the new and improved website for your favorite local hip hop artist. This site is your home for all things Marshall Love, and will provide you with all the information you need to find my music, merch, and live performances.

I will be posting and updating the site as often my busy schedule will allow, and will be sure to provide as much information “on site” as possible. That said, there are just somethings that are better done by “direct link,” so if you don’t see what you are looking for on a page, look for an external link. I like to envision my site as Grand Central Station to all of my web materials, so if you want something, we will get you a connection.

Most importantly I want you to have fun and enjoy your interaction with me and my music. I am an open book, so ask questions and I will be sure to answer them. I also want to hear all of your likes, dislikes, and all suggestions you may have. Please, please, please comment on posts and take advantage of my contact form under the contact tab. I want to hear from you often, so don’t be shy.

I hope you enjoy my site, and most importantly I hope you enjoy my music!