Hey, Y’all! I hope you have been able to enjoy time with family and friends, and have a happy Thanksgiving.  Even though it isn’t traditional to give gifts during this holiday, I  want to offer up my song, “Come On Over,” as mine to all of you.  As I continue to spend time with those I care about, I’ve come to the realization that my energy and passion is taken greatly from all of those around me, whether near or far, who have continued to support my love of music, my art.  I want to be able to return that gift to all of you, and the only way I know how, is by giving you this piece of my larger collection.

There are two ways to get your digital download of this song.  If you click the link at the top of this post, you will be directed to a soundcloud page with download capabilities.  The second option is available through my Reverbnation page, at http://www.reverbnation.com/marshalllove.  If neither of these work for you, please leave a comment below, or send a direct message via the Contact tab.

I can’t express enough how much you all mean to mean and this journey!! Thank you all so much for everything!!


P.S.  You can also find my original release of, “I Made It,” as well as “So Fresh” and “Billionaire,” through my Soundcloud and Reverbnation pages!

Hey, y’all!  I know it’s been a minute since my last update, but I can promise you I haven’t been sitting idle.  I am (as always) working hard at rewriting and revising the tracks for my E.P., IndustryOfTruth.  These songs are a huge part of who I am, and represent so much of what I want to see in the world.  As a result, I’m becoming quite the perfectionist.  

That being said, I will be hitting the studio this month to record my next release off IndustryOfTruth called, Flying High. And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, I’ll be entering it into JeeJuh.com’s Best HipHop/Rap Song contest. Submissions are due by 10/31/13 and will be open for voting in November, so please, please watch for that announcement!

I’ve also been approached by two local hip hop artists about working on collaboration projects.  I am super excited about both of these projects, and I have major respect for both of these guys as artist, but more importantly, as people.  All I can say about them at this time is that I am currently in the writing process on one, and the other is still in development.  Stay tuned, though, because I think they’re both gonna jump off quick.

I am also excited to announce my participation in Promote Love 2013: “Adopt a Family” Benefit.  This event provides families in and around Indiana’s Fulton County with winter coats, hats, and gloves, as well as, a free spaghetti dinner and live concert the night of December 14, 2013. If you are able, please visit the event site at http://promotelove.wix.com/2013, and make a contribution to this great cause. Remember that there is no gift too small.


And last but not least, I am also in talks with North Manchester’s, The Firehouse, regarding a future split show.  There is nothing set in stone, yet, but I will be sure to keep y’all posted as we hammer out the details.

I have updated business cards to hand out to any of you, your friends, or artist/venues that might be interested in working with me.  So if this is you or anyone you know, please send contact info to marshalllove982@gmail.com, and I will be happy to mail as many as you may need.  Thank you all for your continued faith and support in all that I do.  It is all of you that inspire me, and I will continue to be here for you and the world.  MuchLove!

“I Made It,” was recorded and mixed by Toby Tobias and Kelsy Presl at LumberJack Studios, and produced by PlatinumSellersBeatz.  This is the first release from my upcoming E.P. titled, IndustryOfTruth.   I am here and now dedicating this song to the people, to all of you, my friends and my family.  I hope that this song will convey to all of you the type of artist I am and want to continue to be.

I wrote this song, remembering some of the struggles I experienced growing up and have seen others encounter now in adulthood.  I can remember wanting to create an anthem of hope for those who are facing or have faced similar obstacles.  “I Made It” is my call to the fact that life is filled with high points and low, and at times the lows will seem overpowering.  However, we do not have to face them alone, no matter how difficult they become to face.

It is going to take time, but hold on to the promise that there is a community out there for everyone.  You all belong, and I will always hold a place for each and everyone of you.  MuchLove!! – Marshall

Happy Friday to all of you TruthIndustry members out there!! I wanted to take a second and remind you of the many different places where I can be found out there on the web.  I know some of you only subscribe to certain sites, but if you are interested in finding me elsewhere, I am currently available on the following sites:







Not only will you find updates and information about my music and performances, but you will be able to find artists, songs, and services that I subscribe to.  My music career began where so many have before, as a fan, and I still identify as a fan first.  I support many talented local and national acts, so check them out and show some love.

I am also currently taking performance inquiries from venues and/or event coordinators (large or small).  Likewise, if you’re an artist or represent an artist that has an interest in working with me, I would love to hear from you as well. If you represent or are yourself an interested party, please contact me in one of the following ways:

Official Email: marshalllove982@gmail.com


Send a Private Message to my Official Facebook Page @ www.facebook.com/pages/Marshall-Love/371827702890312.

Both inboxes are checked for new messages daily, and I will do everything possible to respond by the next day.

Thank you for all the support you have continued to give me and my music.  Hope you all have a great weekend, and I look forward to hearing from you and possibly working with you in the future. MuchLove!! – Marshall


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Welcome to my new official website. And “Who am I?” you might ask. I am Indie Hip Hop artist, Marshall Love, and I have created and will be administrating all site aspects. This site will serve as a base for artist and audiene to interact, and stay up-to-date on events and new projects. I currently have several active social media pages, and decided that it was time to have a central hub for all fans and interested parties to connect. I will be continually updating info and evolving the site, so stay tuned. Also, please feel free to comment and post feedback, suggestions, or any questions you may have. Thank you for all your support and hope you enjoy the music!! MuchLove!!